The Trivia

Tenon10 strives to work among the unorganized sections of the society, the Farmers, the Women Self-Help Groups (DWKRA), the rudimentary Supply Chain and the Consumer Associations to create collective value and contribute substantially to their lives by mitigating the problem of rampant unemployment through creation of enterprises-micro, small, medium. In the process, we aim to strengthen the bottom line of the national exchequer.

Growing a thriving business in places where the infrastructure-both tangible and intangible-is lacking seems nigh impossible. Prospective entrepreneurs in interior India struggle with this problem every day. They need to navigate the unknown waters of entrepreneurial issues, supply-chain issues, educational deficits and myriad other waves of uncertainty.

Indeed, we adopt polycentric governance as a deliberate strategy to forge an alliance between various interest groups. Working across divergent focus groups to collectively define solutions to fill gaps is how a new institutional infrastructure can be managed with polycentric governance. Creating an infrastructure collectively, bringing together all the different partners with varied capacities, competencies and skills benefits everyone – a rising tide lifts all boats.

Our humble endeavor is to attempt a transformation from the informal to the formal.