(…For The Entrepreneurial Aspirants…)

Entrepreneurial Orientation Index of the aspirant is calculated through a Comprehensive Test, TenCATEOI administered as a diagnostic test for each aspirant.

This comprehensive test is carefully designed to include:
a. The common skill-sets required for an entrepreneurial aspirant (Number Skills, Verbal Skills, Critical Skills, Data Skills and Decision Making Skills) and
b. Entrepreneurial Orientation Skills, to seamlessly pursue a business venture.

The TenCATEOI is prepared by the experts in respective domains, as per the international benchmarks.

As such, even an Employment aspirant could take this diagnostic test to have an understanding on her/his “Intrapreneurial” skills/traits that could provide the tailwind for her/his aspiration to grow to the leadership position within the organization that she/he works for.

A granular, module and sub-module report with gap analysis and a prescriptive report for plugging the gaps will be given by the TenCATEOI report. A mentoring session by Tenon10 experts would focus on connecting the dotted lines of the start-up ecosystem.

An exclusive Personality Test, evaluating the individual`s behavioral skills in a Team and at Work Place would enable the aspirant look deep inward and take corrective steps to present a suitable personality for being an entrepreneurial aspirant. 

Engagement Process for Entrepreneurial Aspirants...

“The relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources currently controlled”

– Howard Stevenson on Entreprenuership

Multiplier Effect on the Entrepreneurial Aspirant