(For The Job Aspirants)

TenCATCCI (Tenon10 Customized Adaptive Test for Job Aspirants) Test, administered as a diagnostic test for assessing the Career Competitive Index (CCI) of the Job Aspirant.

This comprehensive test is carefully designed to include:
a. The common skill-sets sought by the Industry (Quantitative Skills, Verbal Skills, Critical Skills and Data Skills) and
b. Career-specific special skills required by the aspirant to pursue the Modern Career of her/his choice (optional).

The test is prepared by the experts in respective fields, as per the benchmark specifications of each domain and vertical.

A modular and sub-modular report with granular gap analysis is given to the aspirant. The prescriptive report is indicative of the interventional strategies for tackling the headwinds in the way of career pursuit efforts of the aspirant.

Illustrative Aspirant Dash Board - TenCATCCI

Tenon10 Customized Adaptive Test : TenCATCCI

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